I’m a late-40ish homeschooling mom, married for over 25 years, a homemaker by choice. This blog is my creative outlet, a way to stay sane, a reminder of the things that matter. I’m also a Scorpio, a highly sensitive person, an introvert, a lefty, an INFJ according to the unofficial online tests. I’m a liberal Christian who is still recovering from her fundamentalist upbringing, and I choose to live my faith out each day in lieu of regular church attendance.

Despite my introverted tendencies, I can be talkative and socially adept when I want to be. And then I have to recover for a week. Politically I’m dispassionate, being naturally suspicious of those who crave power, but I align most closely with libertarian philosophy. I believe in attachment parenting and I’m inspired by the writings of John Holt, an educator who coined the term “unschooling”. ย I avoid dogma though and ultimately do what is best for my children regardless of labels. I strive to live simply, to pay attention, to find joy in the small things, to raise good children and have a happy marriage.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you. I realized there were some new themes from the last time I checked. I like changing my theme once in a while- it’s like changing the furniture around ๐Ÿ™‚
      I found it so helpful to read the INFJ description, really made me see some things about myself in a more positive light, rather than just feeling weird or different.


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